We are the energy trading branch of a group of several solid industrial realities for which we optimize their energy assets and activities in the market.

We have the expertise and focus to fully understand the needs of our customers and business partners, for our familiarity with the growing complexity that many companies face in the local and international energy markets.



Our business model was originated from physical and financial Proprietary Trading including commercial optimization of our Group energy generation facilities, and progressively enlarged to encompass wholesale trading and retail activities to end customers (load aggregators and purchasing groups).

In addition to Italy, we trade in many other continental Europe markets. Our core business is power trading but we also offer brokerage services on natural gas and related commodities (eg environmental certificates and emissions) as well. On average we generate annual revenues of about EUR 5-700 mln with 3-5 TWh of traded volumes per year.

We operate in the most complex part of the chain through a highly specialized team with several years of experience and deep knowledge of the dynamics and risks related to the different aspects of commodities trading.

Our team is constantly engaged in developing advanced proprietary models for portfolio analysis and management. By the use of these technologies we are able to monitor our portfolio and our customers position in order to maximize the value of the books and reduce as much as possible their relevant risks. In this way we can define the best books strategies and anticipate the needs of our customers.
Our software can be tailored on individual customer needs and it is accessible via web.

Our headoffice is based in Faenza (RA) – Italy, close to the business of our shareholders.