The energy markets are rapidly evolving. Factors like deep penetration of renewable energy, a fast pacing integration of national markets in Europe are materially changing the playing field in our business.

This change will be also accelerated by new emerging consumption schemes to increase the efficient use of energy and a wider use of smart grids to cope with a more distributed generation.


We believe that, to be efficient in the new energy markets you need to have a dynamic approach, to be adaptbol over time to such changes that more and more will be reflected on market dynamics.

In this context of increasing opportunities and different ways to operate in the energy markets, more sophisticated risk management techniques play a key role. Different risks need to be monitored already at transactional level with new operational requirements that will demand an increasing specialization for market participants.

We focus on the most complex part of the energy trading chain, where we can add most value to our partners, allowing them to be more focused on the specific challenges of their business.

Unlike other operators that trade only on financial markets, we have access to physical energy markets and thanks to the deep experience of our team, we are reliable both in understanding the various synergies between the different energy markets and to interpret the needs of our counterparties with products and services best suited to their needs.


To describe us with an analogy, we operate like professional skippers, who you can entrust the navigation in the open waters, where the sea conditions can be extremely variable and it is crucial to know how to stay on the right course.”

We are oriented to our continuous improvement and on this base we decided to expand our activities from Italy to international markets, trading those products that can benefit from our knowledge gained in similar contexts, never losing sight from the risk management perspective in order to stay both on our and our partners “right” course.