We manage actively physical and contractual assets of the group and third parties.
Through quantitative analysis and dedicated software models we adopt the best “tailor-made” solution to satisfy customers’ needs basing our views upon the characteristics of the hedged asset.

Our trading team has experience in the creation and management of structured products such as virtual power plants, tolling agreements, virtual & physical storage, gas swing contracts.



We help our partners to enhance their portfolio value regardless to the type (financial or physical) or maturity (long/short term) of the assets. For example we can identify and exploit operational and contractual flexibility to improve asset profitability in the energy physical or financial markets.

As an example, a producer through an efficient management and optimization system, may fix its margin being protected from the downside risks of market volatility.

In this context, our services include:

  • dispatching, scheduling activities and settlement
  • optimization on organized markets and OTC
  • management position of environmental certificates (CV, GO, CO2)
  • hedging formulas on fuels or other reference products