Energy markets are subject to a high level of volatility , sudden changes in the price level caused by external shocks or changes in the dynamics of related markets, are not so unfamiliar
A prudential approach requires the right skills to identify and manage risk without taking unnecessary gambles, owning the professional ability to measure and mitigate the associated impacts, with appropriate techniques and hedging strategies.


We place particular attention to the risk management process, that can be of different nature, from the typical market risk to credit and operational risk. It is important to have a full view of the connected risks, in this manner we can define the right strategy in order to suit it to the different needs of our counterparties.

To improve hedging risk strategies, our team can provide several solutions, each one adapted to our specific of customers, such as: consumers, producers, financial institutions and others.
Our broad risk management services portfolio is built up to satisfy every business needs:

  • hedging energy buying side risk
  • hedging of production and sale of energy (margin Fixing)
  • monetization of energy portfolios
  • construction of financial derivatives to fix cash flows
  • construction of financial derivatives to secure energy investments

Moreover we provide market analysis service to help our customer to make a more informed decision, thanks to an accurate knowledge of the current trends on the major energy markets.
Based on the needs of our customers and thanks to our direct activity on the physical energy markets both in Italy and abroad, we can provide periodic reports and reviews of different products types.